The Little Walk of Horrors: Discover the dark side of the city

Are you enjoying all the ghost story and stories about the bloody history of places? Then you’ve come to the right page. But, there is more! We proudly present our baby sister: the Little Walk of Horrors! The Little Walk of Horrors will give you an experience you will never forget: a city walk full of horrors, ghost stories and history. 

The Little Walk of Horrors
Museum Prinsenhof in Delft

The Little Walk of Horrors

I have always loved ghost stories. Collecting them and writing about them on this website makes me happy, but making a living of it makes me even happier. I mean: who wouldn’t want to make a job out of a hobby? This is how my idea for The Little Walk of Horrors came to live: dark city walks which are fun, creepy and interesting.

The Little Walk of Horrors
Theatrum anatomicum (anatomical theater) in Amsterdam

More tours!

Last October my new dream came true: my webshop was born! When I started, I only had three tours to sell: the Red Light District Route in Amsterdam, a Horrorwalk in Leiden and one in Delft. All three cities in The Netherlands, and all in Dutch. Shortly after, two more tours were added: the Amsterdam Canal Route and the Horrorwalk The Hague. I was having so much fun researching, visiting, walking and writing that I decided I needed to make them in English as well.

The Little Walk of Horrors
Gravensteen in Leiden

Completely offline

Because people spend a lot of time online these days, I decided to make the tours completely offline. I realize that this isn’t very convenient for people living outside of The Netherlands. But, I’m sure we can find a way to get the package to you. The great advantage about the tours of The Little Walk of Horrors is that you do the tour when you want it, at your own pace. There’s no guide and no time limit: it’s all in your hands. You can grab a coffee if you like or even take a break to have lunch. Who cares if it takes you five hours to complete a tour?

The Little Walk of Horrors
The Binnenhof in The Hague

What will you get?

You will receive much more than just a city walk. Your package will contain a nice durable bag, a pencil, a bookmark, a hand-written thank you card and a business card. Your package will also include a mysterious sealed envelope. This envelope contains your book with all the information about the locations on the tour and a letter with directions. You can use your phone, but this is not necessary. And then the adventure begins!

The Little Walk of Horrors
The Oostpoort in Delft

Work in progress

My plans for the future are big! I’d love to realize a new website one day which will have the same look and feel as the website of The Little House of Horrors. Perhaps in a few years time there will be an app after all, who knows? And more tours are coming! I am working on several new Dutch tours, but in the near future I am planning to go abroad! One of the first tours will be a Jack the Ripper tour, for sure! I hope you’re just as excited about this as I am!

The Little Walk of Horrors
The Beguinage in Amsterdam

Please contact me!

Do you have any questions or are you interested in buying a tour? Please contact me: We can work something out!

All pictures are made by The Little Walk of Horrors

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