Drovers Inn

Drovers Inn, in Scottish North Loch Lomond, was established in 1705 and is still a much-beloved pub and hotel. Its restaurant is praised for the food and there is live music every weekend. But those who spend the night there, might not sleep very well because Drovers Inn is said to be the most haunted pub in Scotland. 

The history of Drovers Inn

Drovers Inn is located at the top of Loch Lomond which is in the Trossachs National Park. The view is absolutely breathtaking. The authentic atmosphere in the pub and inn is excellent and it’s dog friendly: the perfect stay while travelling up north to the magnificent highlands. Drovers Inn was established in 1705 for the highland drovers who used to drive their cattle down the side of Loch Lomond to the cattle markets. The Scottish hero and outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor stayed at the inn on February 16, 1716. A place this old holds much history and many stories, such as ghost stories. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular and re-occurring stories from the Drovers Inn.

Loch Lomond - Francois Schnell via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA-2.0

The ghosts of the Drovers Inn

Through the years, many people have reported strange encounters and paranormal phenomena. Paranormal investigators from all over the country, and beyond that, have tried to contact the restless spirits that still reside at Drovers Inn.

Room 2

It is believed that Room 2 is haunted by an entire family! In the Winter of 1792, a young family was forced to leave their home. The landlords had other, more profitable, plans for the land, so they had to pack their belongings and go. The man, the woman and the children headed south, hoping to create a new life for themselves. One night, during their harsh journey, they were surprised by a heavy snowstorm. The family was trying to reach Drovers Inn, but because of the poor visibility, they took a wrong turn. Unfortunately, the family never reached their destination. They froze to death. Over the years, many people claim to have seen a ghostly family wandering the land during the Winter months.

Drovers Inn - Raymond Chisholm via Geograph CC BY-SA 2.0

After their deaths, they may have reached Drovers Inn after all! Once, a couple stayed at Room 2. They woke up in the middle of the night because the temperature had dropped considerably. To their surprise, there was an entire family including two children standing at the foot of their bed. Their breath was visible in the now freezing air. The couple was in shock! Especially since the young boy was cheerfully waving at them as if he was happy to have finally found what they were searching for…

Room 6

People staying in Room 6 might wake up to strange lights that appear in the room. The lights appear to be dancing and flickering. Are they fireflies? No, fireflies don’t inhabit the area. But, what the heck are they, then? The lights have been witnessed by many, even the paranormal investigators from Paranormal Scotland saw the glowing balls. No one has an explanation for them. They don’t mean any harm, but they tend to give many a sleepless night!

Ghost girl

When a mother took a picture of a group of children at a birthday party, a young girl, who she didn’t notice while taking the picture, appeared in it. After seeing the strange girl in the picture, the mother decided to email the inn asking who this little girl might have been. The hotel staff answered that there were no other children present at Drovers Inn during the birthday party. The only explanation the hotel staff was able to give, that the girl appearing in the picture was a ghost!

Rosser1954 via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

A long time ago, a little girl drowned in the river behind the inn while playing with her doll. The doll fell in the water, and the girl tried to grab it, but she must have slipped and she fell in the cold water. She sadly passed away. Her body was laid to rest in Room 6 for a couple of days, so her family could grieve and plan her burial. She really likes other children, so that is perhaps why she appeared in the birthday picture. Some have seen a little girl dripping with water in Room 6. There are even reports of people feeling a small body next to them in bed, as if there’s a child in the bed with them…

The dead Cattle Drover

Over 300 years ago, another tragic event took place at Drovers Inn. A young cattle drover named Angus reached the inn after a long journey from the Highlands. He was happy to finally take a break and he enjoyed the local drinks a bit too much that evening. The following day, he woke up later than planned. When he went to check up on the cattle he was responsible for, he saw that all the animals were taken! He soon discovered that rival clan members were the thieves. Angus had to face his chieftain and admit the loss. The chieftain, however, was a ruthless man. To punish Angus, he slaughtered his entire family and his sweetheart. On top of that, Angus was banished from the clan.

After months of roaming the Highlands, Angus decided to return to Drovers Inn and get his revenge with the rival clan. When the clan members arrived at Drovers Inn, Angus hid behind the trees to wait for his opportunity. However, he was spotted by one of the members, and they murdered him by hanging him from the old tree behind the inn, and bleeding him out like they did with the cattle they stole from him earlier. Over the years, people have reported seeing and hearing Angus wandering the grounds of Drovers Inn. Screaming in pain, he is still searching for the men who did him wrong.

Ron Gilmore via Flickr CC BY-2.0

Drovers Inn today

The Drovers Inn is the perfect stay for travelers and hikers. Several beautiful hiking trails start and end at the inn: some easy walks and some more challenging. The inn is also located on the West Highland Way, the 95 mile walk from Milngavie to Fort William. You can catch your breath here if you don’t mind the spirits!

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Cover photo: James Handlon via Flickr CC-BY-SA-NC 3.0
Sources: Wikipedia, droversinn.co.uk, atlasobscura.com and hiddenscotland.co
Location: North Loch Lomond, Inverarnan G83 7DX, United Kingdom

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