Discover the city's dark side

Don’t you ever wonder what happened in certain places and buildings? Or who haunts them?

For anyone curious about the ghost stories and the often gruesome history of the city The Little House of Horrors now offers walking tours!

Little Dutch sister

The Little Walk of Horrors is the little Dutch sister of The Little House of Horrors and I am proud to announce that there are now 5 beautiful dark city walks available. All in The Netherlands, but there are plans to create routes in other parts of Europe as well.

Available Horrorwalks

Your guide less, DIY-tour

All so-called Horrorwalks by The Little Walk of Horrors are completely offline, guide less and hardcopy. It’s a do-it-yourself dark city tour. The tour includes ghost stories but also places where horrible things have happened in the past. When you order a Horrorwalk, you will receive a full-color booklet with clear pictures of the different locations and an extensive story about each location. Apart from the booklet, you’ll receive the travel directions. Google maps can be used, but should not be necessary.

Oh, goodie!

There’s goodies, too! With your Horrorwalk comes a nice durable bag and a handy pencil. And I always slip in some extra’s. The whole experience starts when the mailman arrives!

Hotel service

I am aware of the fact that postage costs are pretty high. Therefore, I offer a hotel service. If you order a Horrorwalk, let me know when you will be arriving in the Netherlands, and please give me the name and address of the hotel you are staying. I will make sure the package will be waiting for you when you arrive. If you are already in the Netherlands, and you decide to do a Horrorwalk, let me know! I can deliver the package to Delft and The Hague within 24 hours, and to Leiden and Amsterdam within 72 hours. This is taken broadly because of the mail service. But, most of the time, the package will arrive the following working day.

Also available: stories only!

If you don’t have plans to visit our beautiful country, but you DO want to read the stories, you can also order a PDF of the booklet of your choice. Of course, this is not the same as the whole experience: you won’t be receiving the travel directions and you’ll miss out on the goodies. On the other hand, the PDF is still of great quality and contains fantastic stories and pictures and it only costs a fraction of the normal price!

Are you interested in the PDF?

If you are interested in the PDF , please let me know by emailing me on Tell me which booklet(s) you would like to receive in your email box. I will send you a Paypal payment link (each PDF will cost € 7,-, while a hardcopy tour will cost € 29,50). If I have received the payment, I will send you the PDF(s) of your choice the same day. You can view it on your digital device or you can print it for your own use.

Please keep in mind that reproduction or re-selling of the document is forbidden.

Available Horrorwalks

If you have any questions about the products, please email me:
Love, Sonja