Annabelle, the demonic doll

People who know me a little, know I am terrified of dolls. I never liked them, not even when I was little. I preferred stuffed animals instead. When I started digging a little into the paranormal world, I learned that my fear of dolls was not so strange at all. There are many haunted dolls in the world and I was shocked to find out what they are capable of! Let’s take a look at Annabelle.

Birthday present

Perhaps the most well known haunted doll is the Raggedy Ann doll Annabelle. Her story was adapted by filmmakers in 2013, although that doll didn’t at all look like the real Annabelle. The real Annabelle was given to a young nurse as a birthday present by her mother in 1970. The Raggedy Ann doll was brand new when it was bought. Donna loved the doll and it was given a prominent spot in the house she shared with her collegue-nurse Angie. Shortly after the doll found her home, the roommates started noticing strange things. The doll would move around on its own accord and little notes saying “help me” were found.


Annabelle - 2.bp.blogspot via pinterest
The real Annabelle – 2.bp.blogspot via pinterest

That was it for the girls. They called in a medium who explained the doll was inhabited by a deceased 7-year-old named Annabelle Higgens. The girls body was found years before on the site where the nurses’ apartment was built. The doll asked the girls if she could stay through the medium. They felt sorry for the doll and its spirit and agreed.

Bloody encounter

When Angie’s boyfriend Lou was over, he heard rustling sounds in the living room. He thought there were burglars. But, when he checked it out, all he found was the doll laying face down on the floor. When he wanted to pick her up, he experienced a sudden chest pain. There were bloody claws all over his chest. The attack on Lou was so violent that the girls decided to call in the help of the demonologist couple Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

The demonologist couple didn’t waste any time and they arrived shortly after being called. They soon discovered the doll had tricked the other medium. There was no little girl’s spirit inside the doll, it was a demon. The evil demon wanted to stay with the girls so he could possess them later. Ed and Lorraine took Annabelle with them to their Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. There she was placed inside a glass chest. A warning was placed near the chest saying: “Positively do not open!”

Cover photo: Raggedy Ann Dolls (not Annabelle!) by Piqsels, public domain
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