About Me

Hello dear friend of the creepiness, it’s great that you’re here!

My name is Sonja and I’m not a paranormal investigator, nor am I a ghost hunter. I’d rather call myself a paranormal storyteller. My interest in the paranormal goes way back and even though I’m not sensitive to paranormal energy, I do believe in ghosts. There simply are too many ghost stories to deny them.

I don’t own any devices to contact spirits, but I’m a story collector. And I love history. So, what you’ll find here are stories, no evidence.

I’ve had a website on haunted places before, which was in Dutch and was made by myself (which I am not very good at) so this time I hired some professionals and I’m so pleased with the result! Because most of my website visitors were from England and America, I decided to go for it in English. English is not my native language (I’m from The Netherlands), so please contact me if you see any spelling errors or strange sentence constructions. But keep it nice, okay?



PS: The pictures on this website are either my own, or given with permission by photographers, or under licence of creative commons. Without these pictures the website won’t be half as interesting. So, THANK YOU!

Cover photo: Libreshot.com